Fulfilling Missions of Faith and Hope for Kids Across the Globe

We have enjoyed traveling the globe and experiencing the customs and cultures of many people , tribes and tongues. While it has been interesting to observe and enjoy these destinations, the best part is being able to connect with the leaders and Missionaries who give their entire life for the express cause of bringing Jesus and the gospel of the good news to the whole world.


All for the Almighty

In all our travels, what we look forward to the most is the humbling opportunity to meet and inspire God’s children. We have had the privilege to encourage people from all walks of life, spreading hope and the wisdom of the Good Word.


Missions and Explorations

To date, we have traveled to no less than 97 countries to empower and instill a strong sense of faith in our youths. It has been one of our proudest achievements to have touched the lives of several of our brothers and sisters while making the best memories abroad.

Ask About Our Trips

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