Nurturing a Lifelong Passion for Soulful Gospel Music

Music is all around us. Everyday we hear beautiful melodies from the astounding creation formed by God. Sometimes we are so consumed with the stress and white noise of our lives that God’s music is almost shut-out and silenced, and often without warning, it can all but disappear. We should take time to breathe it in. The sounds of birds singing, the waves of the ocean crashing on the rocks, the gentle clapping of branches and the leaves on the trees. It is no wonder that we humans are passionate about expressing our emotions and find great fulfillment in creating music that satisfies our souls with love, joy and a continual desire to worship the one and only true living God. We need to sing and dance and let our lives reflect the glory of our God.


Faith-Focused Creative Spontaneity

Writing Music is a gift of expressing ones hearts. I have known many people who have written the most incredible lyrics and melodies without ever taking one music lesson. It is important that we never give in to fear or hold back because we lack training. If there is a real desire, then that desire will push you forward out into the deep where resources are unlimited. Go for it.


Soulful Gospel Hits

Nancy has released over 18 music projects and will quickly admit that every song she has written has come by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Every trial, every burden, every joy and every victory that we experience can be written into a praise or a worship song. Everything we face in life documents our testimony, authenticates the highs and lows of our lives framed by the mercy, strength and grace of God. The Psalms are filled with Beautiful passages that allow us to glimpse into the heart of King David. We have a clear picture of his life and all of its seasons of failure, success, anxiety and peace. What an orchestral vision he had, and now we can too because of his authentic vulnerability. So, keep reaching, keep writing, there is no place to quit.

Listen To My Music!

Thankful to have done several recordings, Nancy finally releases a new song that reminisces her classic gospel hits.


Looking for Song Recommendations?

We can introduce you to a great set of titles that you can play while making a fresh meal for the family. Reach out to us now for more details.