Guiding Every Couple Toward A Renewed Sense of Commitment

Having nurtured a strong marriage of their own, Nancy and Richard have grown to navigate many situations no one has helped them prepare for. With God as their mediator, they found the strength and faith to power forward and fulfill their lifelong commitment of love and companionship. Now, with more than 52 years of marriage, Nancy offers her knowledge to help other couples strengthen and deepen their bond.


Individualized Marriage Counseling Services

We offer a variety of counseling services, seminars, and more insightful programs to help couples reconnect, reconcile differences, and remember their heartfelt reasons for entering the sacred sacrament of marriage. Our sessions are available on-site or through the online communication platform Zoom.



Private Couple’s Retreats

To better restore relationships and distinguish roles as spouses, we recommend private retreats for our married couples. The program is meant to help each participant reflect on their partners, as well as the lessons and truths they may have forgotten along the way.


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