Raising the Next Generation of Faithful and Talented Grandquists

God has blessed me with the most beautiful family, they are my greatest joy. Richard m Grandquist is my closest friend, my love, my encourager, my counselor, my darling love. He is a constant reminder that God must love me a lot to give me the very best, the kindest, the sweetest, the most gorgeous prince of a man, and he also gave me 4 wonderful children.


My First Born

My First Born is a redheaded now turned strawberry blond, movie-star, bling bling diva, that can sing like nobodies business. She is married to Gilbert Gomes, a powerful influencer of people, a man that is led by God. Mindy and Gilbert worked with my husband and I for 23 years building a church in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are givers, generous to a fault, they never think of themselves but are always trying to find someone they can help, they look for the hurting, and they literally take them in. I cannot tell you how many straying lost teen-agers they have brought into their home, loved them ,restored them, bought their clothes, shoes, fixed their teeth, put them in school, bought them cars, took them on their vacations. You get the picture? These people are go beyond the extra mile, They rent a limo for the transportation of the broken, they put them in the Ritz Hotel, feed the Rib-eye steak and loaded baked potato. They put them in white fluffy robes with the emblem on it that says, “Im worth the trouble” and this analogy is getting longer by the second, but you understand? Mindy and Gilbert gave me 4 gorgeous grandchildren and if I had more room here I could tell you all about them, but I will save it for later.


My Second Born

My Second Born child is a tiny little thing, she reminds me of my mom. Heidi is completely beautiful, inside and out, she is tiny in stature but she is mighty in spirit. She has been anointed with the wisdom of God since she was a little girl. She is a counselor, a therapist, she is a worship leader and mother of 3 of the most incredible children. She is married to Chad King and they are known throughout Sonoma County as the Pastors of The Promise Center, a thriving church with a community of people that have reproduced the spirit of their leaders. My Mother was in the very first moments of the conception of this church. Even before the Promise center, my sweet mom served the Lord, loved people, and served in whatever way she could. She loved her town of Santa Rosa, California. Her life was lived with the purpose to establish the truth of Gods Word. Mother was so proud of Chad and Heidi , their family, their church. I think she must be looking down on them now, cheering them on and saying, “good job guys, keep it up!”


My Third Born

My Third Child is mother to 5 little angels, she is tireless in her life calling to nurture and care for her family and those who are blessed to be part of her extraordinary life. Before Kate married her handsome prince Kristopher she was a pre-school teacher and could handle 12 to 15 toddlers without a problem. Good thing she understood the challenges of babies and kids, she was born to be a mother. She also is extravagantly beautiful and people stop her often to ask her if she is a well known movie star, she always laughs and in her darling shy way says, “no, I am a star to my kids and my husband, but that’s it”. Kate also raises the most beautiful chickens I have ever seen, those chickens are so happy and proud to belong to Kate and her babies, to show Kate how much they love having her as a chicken momma they often produce eggs as big as turkey eggs. Kate and Kristopher serve on the Pastoral Staff of Champion Center in Tacoma, Washington. They are loved and adored by everyone and I am so thankful for their lives of constant care and concern not only for their own but reaching the greater Seattle area with the love of Jesus Christ. 


My Fourth Born

My Fourth Child is my one and only Son. To tell you I love him, admire him, respect him, adore him, cheer for him, pray constantly for him would not scratch the surface of my deep gratitude for his life. He is married to his High School Sweet Love Meredith and at this moment, they are expecting their 3rd child which will make a grand total of 15 Grands for me. What do I say to this? “Keep ‘em coming!” Richard works in the emergency room as a Phyiscan’s Assistant and saves lives everyday. He is deeply compassionate and serves his Medical Team with the same intense love and respect he gives to his beautiful Meredith and his children, and our family and his friends. He loves fierce, he loves big, and He is a dyed in the wool Patriot. His flag pole is the main focus of his front yard and the flag is almost as big as the lawn, or at least it seems that way. Just last week he had to put their dog Dexter a precious golden Lab to sleep, he was having issues. Richard cried for 2 days. You might wonder why I would mention this but, I have only known him to cry 5 times in his whole life, Rich loved his dog. I cried with him, matter-of-fact, we all cried. The whole family.

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Instilling Faith And A Sense Of Service

Sharing her love for God to her little grandkids, Nancy always remains a model of faith, humility, and service. She always makes sure to give her wonderful family the love they deserve, while teaching them to pay it forward to God’s children.


Get to Know Our Family

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