Nancy’s Home-Cooked Meals and Original Recipes

Some of the best times of my life have been spent in the kitchen, not just my kitchen but my grandmothers kitchen, my mothers kitchen, my grown-up children’s kitchens, dear friends kitchens and kitchens everywhere. I cannot describe the happiness I have known sharing the designated space of a stove, a counter, a sink, with people I love. It is joy unspeakable and filled with laughs, while recalling memories from some really wrecked and ruined recipes that came out of my oven looking more like a burnt sacrifice than Sunday Dinner. Remind me to tell to you the story of the Baked Girdle, it is hilarious.


Live Cooking Shows

Every Friday at noon, the lovable husband and wife Richard and Nancy spend some time with each other in the kitchen as they make mouth-watering dishes for family and friends. Visit our Facebook page to see our latest episode!



Our Cookbook

Fans of Nancy’s work would be happy to know that her “Nanny Bones Cooking Book” is coming out soon! The book was thoughtfully made with all of Nancy’s best-kept secret recipes, her family’s favorite Sunday night dinners, as well as some famous holiday dishes.


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Talk to us to inquire about how you can get a copy of Nancy’s much-awaited cookbook.